The coolest entertainment innovations of 2019

Movies, music, and video games are all about escape-taking you out of reality and into something or something extraordinary. This year, leaps in various technologies, from game streaming and movie production to guitar playing and carnival viewing, are easier than ever to lose contact, but for a short day. At the same time, creatives have found new ways to fascinate the rest of us.

Grand Prize Winner: Stadia, Google

Numbers are vital to players. The player needs 4K resolution, fast 60 frames per second refresh rate and 5.1 channel sound. This performance usually requires an expensive PC or console. For just $ 10 a month, Google's Stadia game streaming service can offload computationally intensive work to the company's data center. In this way, the player can run top games such as Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2 on browsers, smart TVs and even smartphones. Stadia uses YouTube's compression and transmission technology, so only 10 Mbps connection (no problem for most 4G networks) can present a smooth screen and slam dunk, while only 35 Mbps connection (can Home Broadband) for best performance. Google even built a controller that connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi, and this adjustment can alleviate interesting delays. Subscribers will have access to 40 titles and many more-including exclusive books you won't see anywhere else.

LG's rollable OLED TV R9

A foldable smartphone screen is struggling in 2019-Samsung Galaxy Fold-but the hidden display enjoys a breakthrough moment. LG's R9 TV looks like a typical high-end OLED TV when unfolded. Press the button and the 65-inch monitor spool is inserted into the aluminum base. The sturdy slats support the flexible panel from the back, while the motor-driven arms allow it to stretch and retract quietly. You can also expose it partially to show quick-view information, such as song titles or smart home controls.

Bose's Smart Noise Cancelling Headset 700

Noise-reduction technology usually causes colleagues to sluggish or commuter trains to buzz during Class A work, but it can cause collateral damage: the army of microphones and processors has killed high-quality phones. Bose's latest headphones balance your voice with the hustle and bustle of the room. There are two outward microphones on the earmuffs to listen to outside sounds, while the other pair is focused on capturing your voice. There are also four cans in the jar that listen to sounds near your ears to keep everything in balance. This array creates the strongest noise-cancelling headphones with the clearest surrounding sound.

Alienware Area-51m by Dell

As everyone knows, the comfort range of laptops makes them difficult to update, so playing the latest version of Call of Duty could mean breaking the device and starting over. Dell's Alienware Area-51m gaming clamshell functions more like a tower than a laptop. Remove a small number of screws to release the panel on the bottom of the computer and replace its desktop-grade central processing unit and graphics processor. This 8.5-pound laptop can hold up to 7 copper cooling tubes (depending on your configuration) and 3 high-power fans, the most rugged of which can move 25 cubic feet of tower air per minute.

Gloves Mi.Mu

Put on a pair of Mi.Mu gloves and you can make complex works by waving your hands. This alternative instrument appeared in the mind of musician Imogen Heap about ten years ago, and it is finally available to any performer this year. Inertial measurement units (mostly a mashup of gyroscopes and accelerometers) track movement, while sensors in the fingers detect tiny gestures. Motion generates sound loops, generates pitch, and even plays audio clips during live performances, and its custom software Glover integrates with professional production applications such as Ableton.

Huntsman Elite by Razer

The mechanical keyboard provides satisfying clicks and attracts the sounds that many gamers crave, but the analog switches below each letter don't register as quickly as optical competitors. Those precious milliseconds could cost your epic victory. Huntsman Elite eliminates latency by adding infrared lasers to quickly record strokes. Just press 1mm to interrupt the beam and grab your input with 25% less movement than a traditional clicky switch. Move on and act quickly; it will keep up

Fender's American Acoustasonic TV broadcaster

Smirking musicians can swap all guitars for Acoustasonic Telecaster. The top lip of the spruce and the contoured lip of the sound hole provide a rich, full sound for the acoustic-electric hybrid when the plug is unplugged. Plug in the power and convert the vibration of the strings into an audio signal by a triple electronic pickup, and you can adjust it to sound like any of the 10 preset sounds (such as the high power or two-tone country / Region) to best fit the list.

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