Strange case of electric engraving knife

Electric knives are tacky antiques, right? Compared to traditional knives, you have to insert them, they are noisy and ridiculous, especially if you have superb quality tools. They have an old-fashioned atmosphere, but not good old-fashioned. It's more like this: Unnecessary gadgets that lunatic ad executives peddle.

But a good electric knife can do one thing: cut the roast neatly, leaving a neat little strip on each slice. In other words, they are silly, but if you want to use it, it is Thanksgiving and other similar occasions. The moment you want things to be beautiful.

Last year, staff at Cook's Illustration Magazine (the highly regarded American "Test Kitchen" magazine) tested four electric knives. The results surprised the editor-in-chief of the publication.

Cook's Illustrated editor said: "When they started testing, I was very skeptical." "This is just a relic of the 50s and 60s." One problem is noise. They may be "loud like lawn mowers."

He added: "I don't want to pay special attention to them."

But one model stood out for them: the Black + Decker ComfortGrip 9-inch electric knife for $ 18. The electric knife has two side-by-side blades that move quickly back and forth, which means you don't need to manually saw, just push down. It looks like a power tool you find in a wooden shop instead of a kitchen cabinet.

"This gives a very clean cut," he said. "That winner did a really good job of keeping a small piece of crispy skin on each slice."

To get the most out of your electric knife, first separate large breasts from cooked birds-Souza recommends that you use only a regular chef's knife for this task. Then, place the meat on a cutting board, peel it, and slice the whole grain with an electric knife.

"This is what I think the electric knife is good at, it does not tear the skin, and it is really very clean." Souza said. This tool can also be used with a piece of roast beef or pork roast.

A good person can help those who do not cook or carve turkeys often. "This does solve a potentially considerable problem for home cooks," Souza said. "And, you want it to be this gorgeous thing on Thanksgiving, which puts even more pressure on it."

David Bruno, chef and associate professor at the American Culinary Institute, agrees that an electric knife can be used when slicing birds. "For those who might be full of knives in drawers, I usually find that-unless they are really knives, most knives are blunt." Blunt knives can tear the skin, but In this case, the electric knife can produce beautiful and neat slices.

He added: "Overall, we don't use a lot." But they do have a niche. "Previously, people who made food to show off the competition did need accurate slicing." Some competitive barbecue cookers use them to cut meat, but this is a controversial topic that has caused countless controversies.

Of course, you don't need one. "I still firmly believe that if you have a super sharp knife and take it very seriously, you can definitely successfully sculpt a turkey," Souza said.

Not sold as an electric knife? It's ok. Saveur (one of Popular Science's sister publications) 's test kitchen considers some blades for your kitchen. You don't even need to insert them.

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