8 most useful home products in 2019

You don't need to stuff your house with many smart gadgets to surround yourself with cool gear. Of course, the list has all-inclusive light to match the sunlight through your windows-but there is also a super sturdy tape measure and a stroller that can do some thrust on its own. Can be freely matched.

Grand Prize Winner: Leatherman's Free P Series

For decades, multi-tool users have had to struggle while struggling to lift the plugged can opener and cutter. But after five years of development, Leatherman came up with a seemingly simple solution: a unique piece of hardware that replaced the sturdy metal joint with a magnet. These magnets will detach with the shaking of the wrist, but they are strong enough to fold all the tools (21 in P4 and 19 in P2) when not in use. Engineers also ensure that the magnetic field does not go beyond the necessary range, so the P Series will not stick to your keys. Not only magnets, but also: Manufacturers are abandoning the use of pinch metal springs and using an elastic polymer that snaps the handle in place when using pliers, providing more flexibility in a beautifully portable package Sturdy pliers.

Dyson's Lightcycle

If you like replacing the bulb, then this is not the lamp you want. Dyson's Lightcycle table lamps and floor lamps radiate heat from the bulb through a heat pipe in the arm, a technology that extends the life of their LED bulbs to 60 years. These luminaires also sense changes in the surrounding light, so your work space stays constant, regardless of the time of day or the type of weather brewed outside. Connect the Dyson Link app to make the lights mimic the sun's motion at your location, emitting warmer beams in the morning and afternoon, and cooler beams later in the day.

Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure

Tape measure can cause a lot of abuse at the job site. They bend, break, fall, and even kick down the stairs. STUD can withstand all these challenges. Its thermoplastic rubber-covered frame can withstand a drop of 80 feet. The 33 mm wide blade is also coated with high density nylon to prevent tearing and abrasion, and it can bend deep in several key locations, which means it can extend up to 14 feet until it drops. This is handy if you can't get someone to hold the other end for you.

Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner

The fifth iteration of the Dyson V series knows how to adapt to its environment. A sensor in the brush strip of the wireless handheld vacuum cleaner measures the tension and determines whether it is moving on a smooth hardwood floor or a thick carpet to adjust the battery charge accordingly. The wall-mounted V11 can run for more than an hour in "energy saving" mode, and if you are willing to sacrifice battery life, you can rise to "medium" or "pressurized" for more heavy-duty cleaning. The LCD display on the top of the vacuum cleaner shows how much juice you have drunk, basic diagnostic information such as airflow obstruction, and whether you have done a split job (in line with the previous job).

Moen's Power Clean Faucet Accessories

Pots and pans come in various sizes, but faucets rarely spice it up. Moen's new kitchen faucet has three snap-on attachments to help clean the hardest and hardest parts of your cooking appliance. A targeted spray is like a high-pressure washer that removes adherent food; a four-corner spray replaces awkward bottle brushes; and a wide sprayer can wash things with oddly shaped wide bases, such as teapots. Compared to Moen's standard faucets, these accessories also fill the water 50% faster.

Cybex's E-Priam stroller

Cybex's e-Priam is the first electric stroller of its kind in the United States, and it can help you keep your kids with them when the road is steep. The sensor in the handlebar detects your work intensity and then powers the wheels to reduce the workload. Take steep slopes up to 14 degrees and make sure you don't lose control when going downhill (the brakes with sensors will smooth the roll). Wheels also help as you cross the terrain of the Saki terrain, so you don't have to struggle on the beach or on untamed lawns. The battery of the stroller can be used at any time from 10K to the marathon, depending on its load and the way forward.

Skilsaw's TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw

The motor of the worm saw is located slightly behind, which means that its internal gears are perpendicular to each other. Compared to RPM, this gives the tool more power than it directly drives "sidewinder" relatives. The tool's slender shape also allows you to cut in tight spaces and provides greater reach when tearing open wide boards. In addition, its blade is on the left side, so you can see its cutting position with your right hand. The wireless part is important here: it is difficult to unplug with a worm drive because the gear requires more power. Skilsaw found a way by developing its own powerful battery.

OXO Puncher Egg Timer

You can't just put eggs in boiling water and hope for the best. You also need impeccable timing. If you are not born, try OXO's egg timer. Just shake it to the required maturity level (there are seven), tell it how big your eggs are, and it will tell you exactly when the eggs are ready to be taken out of the pan. In addition, a glowing progress bar shows you how much time is left in the cooking process, which is useful for putting on pants when you have to leave. Pear-sized gadgets also have a built-in perforator that turns peeled shells into an absolute stimulus. However, remember to boil the eggs in cold water after boiling; otherwise all punctuality will be futile.

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