The smartest gadget this week

Explain with Ferris Bueller that the technology is evolving very fast - if you keep looking at it occasionally, you may miss the opportunity to have a drone with a 12 megapixel camera that recognizes your face. Will begin to hover. So whether you're pursuing a simple day, making your day smoother, or on some special things, you can immediately learn about our best selection of gadgets and techniques every week. Specifically, “a bit special” is a luxury watch with a value of £2,100.

1. Brisant Secure Ultion Smart Lock

No, you are right: the door handle is not sexy. But this is a means to an end. Do you need to navigate a door? Partner, you better pray that it will solve the problem. However, this is much more interesting than usual. You can unlock it with your phone, or set it up to unlock it automatically when you're in range, or even use voice activation via Siri or Alexa. It is safe enough and it is also supported by locksmiths and police.

2. Sonos Mobile

It's been a long time, but we finally have a portable speaker from the audio dons Sonos. It not only matches the power rod of the fixed bracket, but also has an ergonomic pick-and-place handle, ten hours of battery life and a weather-resistant, wear-resistant structure that can withstand all-round drops.

3. Dyson Lightcycle

If someone asks you to take a photo of a light bulb designed by Dyson, you might think of something more abstract than this. More Jetsons. But the real originality is that it tracks local sunlight and adjusts itself to help you improve your mood and reduce eye strain. It can also be connected to an app so you can sync it with your sleep schedule and the light quality can last for 60 years.

4. Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

In the late 2000s, the spiritual successor of Wii Fit, Switch's "Ring Fit Adventure" is the latest attempt by Nintendo to combine games and sports. This time, you will get a resistance band and a leg ring, they can be used as a fitness RPG based controls and a series of increasingly tough mini-games.

5. Click and grow smart garden

You just can not let those pesky basil plant alive, is not it? Try as much as possible, you will inevitably wake up to a piece of withered leaves tasteless cemetery. Ok, don't rely on the pots you buy, but buy this trusted herbal gardening kit with LED planting lights and an automatic watering mechanism.

6. Smartech Barisieur coffee and tea set

Basically, this is a re-production of the highly tasteful Teasmade of the 80s - it looks like it was designed by Nasa and designed by IKEA. Set the alarm, go to sleep, wake up and smell the freshly brewed tea or coffee.

7. Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect Headphones

You may think that there are too many wireless headphones. T5 Ultra Connect proves that you are completely wrong. They are designed and built in the UK by a British company, and the other is much more flexible than your average. They are equipped with three different filters for versatile listening, bass boost or treble, as well as three silicone earbuds and three moldable earplugs. And, most importantly, the sound quality is no less than a crunchy sound, and it is easy to exceed the headphones in price.

8. Claire Allies Headphones

Allies are right. Cleer's new headphones can support you in almost any situation. They are excellent everyday pairings, with rich sound, easy-to-use phone controls and a very convenient automatic pause feature (when you take them out of your ear), they are an advanced workout with a waterproof and sweat-proof design and Wings, secure it in your ear. In addition, the charging box gives you an extra 20 hours of juice extraction time.

9. Smartech Segway Drift W1

Yes, people seem stupid on the flying sidewalks on the city sidewalk. But do you know? They don't feel stupid. They lived in 2049. This lightweight, stable, easy to ride electric scooter surpasses your opponent.

10. Skylight Solis

The portable wi-fi hotspot is available in more than 130 countries and will be in your pocket for 4G instant coverage at a cost of £7 per day. Say goodbye to data-ridden hotels and airport "hot spots", their 30-minute free limit and insulting connection speed. We don't know why it is orange.

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