5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

As we enter the new decade, technology will continue to accelerate. We are likely to see space travel, the tremendous growth of quantum computing, and the proliferation of software in everyday life.

However, in the modern era, everything around us seems to be constantly changing and improving. It is therefore difficult to know which trends to pay attention to. Carefully study technology trends that may bring significant incremental growth in the next year and beyond.


Automation is a big technical term, and the exact meaning of it can often be unclear. It ultimately means technologies such as cloud computing, newer robotics, and big data. For most software companies today, automation is a key technology driver for their business.

When we look to the future of automation, we have endless possibilities. Experts believe that using all of the highly advanced technologies that come with automation will make our lives better, easier, and will continue to be implemented at higher speeds than today.


5G technology is the topic of CES this year and will be the driving force behind the growth of wireless technology. As manufacturers introduce more 5G handsets and the world's largest telecommunications company to maintain the deployment of its 5G technology to achieve its goals, 5G will achieve maximum implementation by 2020.

Implementing 5G on a global scale will result in higher broadband speeds and more reliable wireless and mobile networks. This will ultimately allow a greater degree of automation and technology to spread to cities and remote areas. The 5G's high data transfer speed makes it easy to implement driverless cars because they will be able to get real-time data about the entire city.

In addition to 5G, there is also the development and implementation of WiFi 6. Despite the different technologies, they are greatly improved wireless communication protocols. Compared with the current WiFi 5, WiFi 6 can increase the data download speed by 3 times. The new network protocol will also enable more connected devices to connect to a given network and provide a larger data range.

artificial intelligence

AI has entered a larger automation trend, but its progress is enough to guarantee its own discussion. This technology has been at the top of the list of technology trends for many years and is likely to continue to top the list for the next decade.

Computers can understand the world in exactly the same way as humans, which means that with artificial intelligence and increased computing power, computers will be able to start performing more complex human tasks at lightning speed.

Modern research projects in the field of artificial intelligence enable the technology to also use facial recognition, speak through speech technology, and understand through messages and reports. Over the next decade, we may begin to see AIs that can learn and become smarter without any human intervention... a frightening proposition!


In the past, we have seen the development of speech technology, such as Siri, Alexa, etc., but they often fail to meet people's expectations, and even in daily life will not help.

Voice is an organic, free-flowing medium, and some things are not easily converted into digital technology. As AI and computer learning programs continue to evolve over the next decade, it is expected that speech interpretation and speech creation software will cross its current incredible trough and enter a more humane field.

In the near future, voice commands and voice assistants will be more useful to our daily lives, making the boundaries between human-machine interfaces more confusing. As the underlying technologies of these industries (artificial intelligence, speech processing, machine learning) become better and better, it will only be promoted with greater technical significance.


Ah, blockchain, the basic technology of everyone's favorite cryptocurrency. Although sometimes the future of cryptocurrencies is sometimes uncertain, blockchains will continue to exist.

Blockchain technology is currently only implemented in a few industries, but it is expected to provide a secure infrastructure for many aspects of our digital lives.

Blockchain is a technology that enables technology to communicate securely and reliably while doing a good job of preventing malicious behavior during data transmission.

Believe it or not, the blockchain has been a concept since the 1980s. Although cryptocurrency has become the focus of attention in recent years, the development of blockchains in all areas of technology is slowing. It is important to observe space in the next few years and decades.

analyzing tool

Analysis plays an increasingly important role in the growth and measurement of global companies. Analysis can not only tell you whether you are successful in the market, but also help you predict the next step in the market.

Although seemingly simple on the surface, analysis actually involves a lot of data processing to turn large amounts of raw data into actionable and useful content.

With the growth of cloud computing, the Internet of Things and big data, data has become increasingly blurred and clouded. Compared to currently implemented methods, machine learning analysis tools will be needed to understand the data to a greater extent, identify problems and even recommend actions.

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