5 emerging technologies worth investing in 2020

Do you want to stay ahead of the latest technology?

Well, here are five emerging technologies that are expected to give companies a competitive edge in the next six to ten years.

Looking ahead to the technology and looking into the possibilities to make this era of innovation even more exciting.

Not long ago, we entered the current software trend, and now, these advances are already accelerating the business world.

These emerging technologies, or arguably outstanding technologies, mature at different speeds.

However, artificial intelligence, voice technology, machine learning, etc. have existed for many years. However, their rapid growth has increased their potential, and innovation has always made them emerging technologies.

Although many of the findings surrounding the prior art have become the focus. Let us explore the types of emerging technologies worth investing in to thrive in your business in 2020.

#1Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has always been one of the most attractive technologies around and will continue to maintain its position.

Currently, nearly 9 billion devices are connected to the Internet, and it is expected that this number will grow to $20 billion in the coming year, which is not unreasonable.

This concept is very useful in smart home innovation. It also enables devices like Alexa and Google Home to work properly.

In 2020, the Internet of Things will consider more features and controls to achieve greater integration in all aspects of smart homes.

Since most of the things around us will soon become smart, its utilization will be greatly expanded in the future.

Well-known companies such as Apple and Samsung are also proposing products that use the technology to compete with Alexa and Google Home.

Samsung's Bixby Technology and Apple's Homepad will be available in the next few years.

If you are related to this industry, then you can consider making progress in this technology because the scope of success is very broad.

#2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is definitely not a new term, but without it, the list of any emerging technologies is incomplete.

AI refers to a computer that has the ability to perform tasks like humans.

Its precision and advantages make it so popular in the organization to take advantage of this technology.

The availability of large amounts of data allows AI to grow rapidly and many important advances will be seen in future algorithms.

Now, some tasks still require manual intervention to work. E.g,

*face recognition
*Effective calculation
*Voice command, etc.

But soon, the level of development of artificial intelligence will become so high that the machine will take over all human tasks.

Many well-known brands, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, have invested heavily in resources to integrate and enhance artificial intelligence capabilities.

In order to provide customers with a worry-free experience, Amazon has equipped a self-checkout station for the high-tech retail store AMAZON GO.

The brand also recently announced plans to open 3,000 Amazon Go stores in different parts of the country by 2021.

Therefore, in the end we can assume that by 2020, artificial intelligence will be available in all aspects of our lives, whether it be shopping, business, transportation, banking, health care or any other field.

#3. 5G connection

5G is the most anticipated cellular network technology and has become the topic of CES this year. There is no doubt that it will be the driving force behind the development of wireless technology.

5G brings us a lot of things, including faster internet speed, lower latency, higher capacity, less network congestion and more.

The technology is scheduled to be launched in the middle of next year and will certainly have a lot of implementation.

Qualcomm, Huawei, AT&T, Verizon and Nokia, the world's largest telecommunications companies, are ensuring that they are keeping up with the deployment of 5G technology.

Manufacturers are also preparing to launch more 5G phones.

In addition, WiFi 6 is also in the development stage and will be released in the market. Both technologies will greatly enhance wireless communication protocols and accelerate business development.

Will there be wires in the future?

#4. Voice technology

The past development of voice technology is incredible. Alexa and Siri have made great progress. However, in terms of the practicality of these devices in daily life, people's expectations have not yet been reached.

Voice is something that cannot be easily converted to digital technology. It is a medium that tends to be free flowing and organic.

With the development of artificial intelligence and computer learning programs, voice-creation software is also moving toward a more humane field.

Soon, voice commands and smart devices around us will become more useful in our daily lives.

Neuro-language programming (NLP) is a prominent aspect of speech technology that will enable systems and computers to better understand the true nature of speech.

This new programming language will give the computer a better understanding of human tone, puns, satires, and even deeper clues (such as double meaning).

Combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence and language processing, the possibilities are limitless.

#5. Digital ecosystem

The digital ecosystem is a new buzzword in the business world. However, we have an ecosystem since the beginning, but the digital ecosystem is new in the industry.

They are integrated with digital technology to provide businesses with more reliable communications with their trading partners and customers.

Digital ecosystems are becoming more and more digital and decentralized to reduce the friction of the business ecosystem. Soon it will enable users to control their data, thereby reducing the power of the Internet giant.

The revolution has begun in the workplace and will soon take over the family to make routine tasks soar to increase productivity.

Some examples of digital ecosystem technologies are synthetic data, knowledge maps, DigitalOps, and decentralized networks.

2020 will be exciting

The pace of technological innovation creates tremendous opportunities for any organization to develop and deliver the best service at the right time.

Therefore, sometimes you must take a step ahead and consider emerging technologies that can bring bright prospects to your business.

In 2020, there are many fascinating technologies to look forward to, but in the long run, these five technologies will undoubtedly bring you endless benefits.

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